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On this page you can submit comments or your memories. Please use this page to submit comments that don't directly relate to other materials on the site, or if you would like to share something completely new that isn't referenced anywhere else on the site. (If you want to submit a comment that relates directly to existing materials on the site then you should register, log in, and then you can submit comments directly on the relevant page.)

You can submit your comments below. Please leave your name and email address, so that we can contact you, and attribute your contribution to you if we publish it on the site.

We would much prefer it if you registered with us first though. If you do you will be able to submit photos, videos and documents as well as comments.

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  1. You can only give us permission for the rights that are yours: things you say or write, pictures you draw, photographs you take, your performance in singing, playing music speaking, acting or dancing. If somebody else wrote the words, composed the tune or took the picture please tell us.
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