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Playing the concertina
William Kimber Recorded at Theo Chaundy's house, 62 Iffley Road, Oxford, 1956; a few days after Tape 54A/B.
William Kimber's concertina
Loveless discusses the concertina that was bequeathed to him by William Kimber, and how Kimber came to own it.
Ladies Pleasure (tune)
Loveless plays "Ladies Pleasure, also know as "Ladies Of Pleasure" from the village of Bledington
Lumps of Plum Pudding (tune)
Loveless plays "Lumps Of Plum Pudding" from Bledington in Oxfordshire
I'll Go And Enlist For A Sailor (tune)
Loveless plays "I'll Go Enlist For A Sailor" from the village of Sherborne
Bonnets So Blue (tune)
Loveless plays "Bonnets So Blue" from the village of Bucknell
Princess Royal (tune)
Loveless plays "Princess Royal" from Fieldtown, Oxfordshire
Jockey to the Fair (tune)
Loveless plays the single solo morris jig "Jockey To The Fair" from the village of Headington Quarry
Old Mother Oxford (tune)
Loveless plays "Old Mother Oxford" from Headington Quarry.
Shepherd's Hey (tune)
Loveless plays "The Shepherds Hey" from Headington Quarry. He also discusses the Percy Grainger arrangement.
Welcome to - the online home of William Kimber
This website is an online archive of material relating to William Kimber, a morris dancer and concertina player from Headington Quarry. It was created as part of the 'Back to the Quarry' project by Folk Arts Oxford, funded by the Heritage Lottery...
The Loveless recordings
The Reverend Kenneth Loveless (1911-1995), Area Dean of Hackney, morris dancer and musician, got to know William Kimber and became his pupil on the concertina. When Kimber died, he left Loveless the concertina which had been bought for him by public...
Playing in C, followed by "My Lord Of Sherborne's Jig" (tune)
Loveless discusses the benefits of playing in C on concertina before playing "The Lord Of Sherborne's Jig"
The Nutting Girl (tune)
Loveless plays "The Nutting Girl" from the village of Fieldtown
The dance "Baccapipes" (tune) and friendship with William Kimber
Loveless describes the dance "Baccapipes" before going on to discuss his friendship with William Kimber
Remembering tunes
Loveless talks about playing by memory and the oral tradition


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